Weird Homes

Jan was interested in theatre, acting and film as a young man and had a number of filming projects on the go at any one time.  He also could put on a good performance when in front of a camera.


In 2001 one in a series of television programs called Weird Homes was shot at Jan's Pascoe home in Sooke.  In the show Jan talks about what inspires his art and how he has molded his environment to reflect his thoughts about art.

A visit to the house and art of Jan Johnson

In 2009 Efren Quiroz visited and filmed Jan's house in 3 sections which can be found at 

Art should make you laugh

Kay Lovett filmed Jan in May of 2011 in his shop talking about art and the Sooke Fine Arts annual show celebrating it's 25th anniversary that year.  Here is footage from that taping session, not all of which was used in the final video produced for the anniversary celebration: 



Dinner at the Dump

In the early 1980's Jan directed and produced a allegorical film about the Vietnam War.  He enlisted the help of friends and family.